Thursday, June 18, 2009

Discovery Museum

Last Saturday, we went to the Children's Discovery Museum. That place is like seriously THE coolest place for toddlers. We took McCarthy and some of his family with us and both of the boys had the best time! Here's a picture of me & Gabers taken by our friend, Kenny.

Gabe LOVED being able to "paint the walls" without getting in trouble! He was having a blast making a mess! And, the people that set this up, totally knew kids. I was so impressed with this place.

Little McCarthy Man driving the RED tractor! (We love the red tractors!)

This was Gabe's favorite (we'll forgive him for the green... :). On the inside of this combine was a TV screen that made it look like you were actually harvesting corn. Gabe LOVED pretending he was going off the rows and driving crooked. So, I had to pretend he was driving crazy and say "Woah!". He was just laughing so hard and having the best time!

Here's Gabe and McCarthy in the tractor driving. Notice Gabe's tongue sticking out!

Gabe playing "Operation". This was so cool. They even had a real difibulator that they had made nonfunctional. How cool!?

Gabe and I were playing "store" and I was the cashier. Gradually, all these other kids came up to me and wanted me to "ring them up". It was so cute!

And here we are making a pizza!

Our friends, Whitney & Kenny. Love them guys so much.
So, overall, did we love the Discovery Museum? YES! What a cool place. They put so much thought into it and came up with so many details! I would've been able to spend hours there as a kid... Even as an adult! It was so fun. We will definitely be taking him there again. This could be a cool place to take Gabe with his grandparents to celebrate his adoption anniversary, our celebration of life day.
Had to share this picture.... We've been doing some remodeling and we put Jinxi's food in the spare bedroom. Gabe was being unusually quiet, so I knew something was up. This is what I found:
Look at his sad little face! This was before I even said anything! In fact, I think I was really trying not to laugh!