Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our First Halloween

Our little Peanut:

A Family Halloween Photo (this was like the best one!)

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I apologize for the delay in blogging, but Gabe's Mom hasn't been feeling too good! The last 2 days, I've been achy all over and I've had a fever, along with glands in my neck that feel like they're the size of grapefruits! Ugh. Today's Halloween and I will get myself up off the couch to take Gabey out for a bit tonight. I will definitely post pics of him dressed up.

Gabe started going to a babysitter on Monday. So far, things have gone great! He did hit another little girl there on Monday, but she was in his face! What was he supposed to do?? We really like his babysitter and feel very comfortable with him being there. I do selfishy hope that he always remembers his mommy though. I am a little worried that he'll like her better than me. I know, that sounds silly, but it really does bother me a little.

Sorry this is kind of a Debbie Downer post today!!

Have a Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Big Boy

He's becoming more independent. While he was playing, I was watching. I am just overwhelmed sometimes at how much I love this little guy. He looks so little, yet so big playing all by himself.

Along with becoming a big boy, we've had some big boy challenges. He has started hitting. He's developed a little temper and honestly, its tough to discipline him. If he hits, we say "No no, Gabe." and then he looks at us and hits again! I don't know if its just because he's a baby and he's little and doesn't know any better, but it kinda scares me for those teenage years! He also arches his back and starts crying. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears!

Well, I'd better get ready for work! It's about that time...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

One of Those Days

Yesterday was one of those days that I dreamed about when waiting to have a child. Gabe and I went to the park in the afternoon and I put him in the swing to play. It was so much fun. He loved it. He was just amazed by it all. When we were suffering through infertility, I spent many nights lying in bed just imagining moments like this one... First trips to the park, going to the pumpkin patch, first combine ride, school shopping with grandmas, etc... I just envisioned those times as being some of my happiest moments. Even now as I write this, I am tearing up... being Gabe's Mommy has given me those special moments. I was so happy just taking my long-awaited son to the park. Being a Mommy has given me joy in the smallest of things. I will sometimes be sitting on the couch just watching Gabe. He has started to play with his toys by himself. I just look at him and think, "Wow. You, Gabe, are it. You are the best thing that has ever happened to Daddy and me." I am just so happy to be Gabe's mom.

Tuesday night, we visited with Gabe's birth family. It was a lot of fun. I think they were surprised by how much he'd changed! They brought him a big bear/dog (we kept joking on what we thought it was). Gabe behaved very well. I felt a little sad a couple of times because he wanted me or Greg over his birth family. But his birth grandma said "Don't apologize - YOU are his mommy". That made me feel much better. I am his mom. I know his personality. I am there when he cries and when he smiles. I can't help but feel bad that his birth mom misses these things. So, I try to send a lot of pictures and keep in good contact. Not just for her, but for Gabe too. I always want him to know that I have done my best to keep that relationship for him. Here's Gabe and the beardog:

Last night Grandma H watched Gabe so we could go to Uncle Dan's last home game. They finished the season undefeated! I guess this hasn't happened since my uncle was a senior in 1974 and the last time it happened before that, my Grandpa was a senior in 1947! Kind of cool that every generation has been.... well, awesome! It was a fun night. Mom and Dad had "senior night" with Dan. I think it was hard on my mom, but she and Dad are so proud of him (and so are we). Congratulations, Uncle Dan, on a terrific season! Playoffs, here we come!
I think we are going out to dinner tonight with our friends Steve & Tami. Other than that, I think our weekend is pretty relaxing! It's nice to have a weekend with not a lot going on. Here are a couple more pics:

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Church, Senior Pics

We tried out a new church today. It really felt good to be back in church. I have to admit we have not been good about taking Gabe to church. It just seems so much easier to sleep in on Sundays and have a lazy day. But, as his parents, it is our responsibility to teach him about God. We enjoyed the church we visited today, I'm just not sure its "the one". I think its worth another visit though. I really dislike church "shopping". I miss our old church home. It's where I thought we'd raise our family. Things don't always turn out the way you plan...

Gabe has had a great weekend. He stayed with Grandma H Friday night while me & Daddy enjoyed a football game. Saturday, he went shopping with Grandma S, Aunt Ne, & me. He was such a good boy! I was thrilled because I got him 2 pairs of pj's at the Disney store and 3 shirts at the Gap! It was a bargain day!

I'm happy to say that I think I ended up with some "winner" pics for Dan's senior pictures. I have been really anxious about this. I love photography, but it seems like the more I learn, the less I know! The possibilities are just endless. I am always seeing other peoples' ideas thinking "why didn't I think of that?? Here are a couple "winners":

I guess these are pretty good for a beginner. Practice, practice, practice!

I just realized this entry is really long! I apologize to anyone reading this! It's a rarity that my son is in bed at 8:30, so I'm taking advantage of being on the computer! Tuesday, Gabe's birth family is coming to visit at our house. I'm really looking forward to seeing them again. It's amazing how easy it is talk to them - not even a year ago, we were strangers. Now, we are linked together forever by a child. It truly has been an amazing experience. I really look forward to a great evening together. I'm sure this will be the most Gabe's changed to them yet. He's all over the place! I can't wait for them to see his personality either.

I am smiling now as I think of just how blessed we are for all of this to have worked out.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Date Night!

I just love Fall. Fall wreaths on a red door (I now have a red door!) Oh, and our porch is done! It's not a gaping hole anymore! I am thrilled with the way it turned out. Tonight Greg's mom is going to babysit Gabe for us so we can go to my little bro's football game. Ok, so it's not really a date, but it's close enough!
Today, we went to a nearby high school to talk to a couple of Parenting classes about adoption. The teacher is a lady we used to go to church with. We were so honored to be asked! Of course we took her up on it. I felt like we were kind of boring the high school kids, but oh well! I was reminded again today how very blessed we are! Birth moms come in all shapes and sizes, with all backgrounds and experiences. We are just so fortunate that Gabe's birthmom is who she is. We really like her and feel like this was all planned by God.
That's how I always wanted it to feel.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Here's one of Gabe's 9 month photos. I think he looks absolutely adorable!!!

I have been working every night on Dan's senior pictures - trying to make them look professional. I know I'm an amateur, but I really want these to shine! I feel like the more I work in Photoshop, the less and less I know!!
Also, after a setback, I am starting back up religiously on LA Weightloss today. I hate losing weight. I know I have to though... it's only a matter of time that I go up another size if I don't. I just really, really, truly hate it.
But, to cheer me up for today...
just looking at Gabe makes me smile.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Short & Sweet

It's late and I want to go to bed! Weekend recap: Friday - Gabe's 9 mo pictures (I will post some soon!) & Uncle Dan's football game. Saturday - Sister In Law Jen's Pampered Chef Party & took Uncle Dan's second Senior picture session. Sunday - Scrapbooked with Marya from 10-5 & went to Nicolays for the Bears vs. Packers game. Ugh! I feel even more tired after reading that! Here are some of Dan's photos...

I still have some Photoshop work to do, but here's the initial, unaltered photos:

Oh, and here's one of the Gabster:

I love these guys!
Now, off to bed...zzzz.zzz.zzzz

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Busy Momma

Wow. I haven't been a very good blogger this week! I have good reason... Greg's been gone since Tuesday morning on a business trip, so it's just been me & this handsome little man all week:

Ok, when I say I mean all week, I guess I'm really talking about 3 days. It's been tough though... I don't know how single parents do it. Gabe has been excellent. He has started waving bye bye! And look at him in these little man jammies... too cute. He looks so grown up. I just can't believe that in 10 days, my little boy is going to be 9 months old. Time has just gone by so quickly.
We had Gabe's party last Saturday and it was just wonderful. At one point in the evening we had around 75 people at the farm. I thought we were going to run out of food! What a good problem to have though... it reminded me just how blessed we are to have so many people that love and support us. Ok, at the time I was freaking out, but looking back on the evening I know that everyone got enough to eat and I think everyone had fun. Gabe zonked out at about 10:00 and Mommy & Daddy stayed up with our friends until around 2:30 a.m. We had such a great time telling stories and laughing. Here are a couple of pics:

The fall themed decorations were an idea of my co-workers. I am so glad we did that! The faux mums on the table were $3.50 at Joann Fabrics! What a bargain!!

I also set up a photo of us as a family with a mat for guests to sign. We ran out of room on the mat! Another reminder to me of how blessed we are. Just thinking of this evening makes me tear up. I finally have my family. My wonderful, perfect family of 3 (4 counting Jinx).
In the words of Glinda...
I couldn't be happier.

And Honey, if you're reading this, Gabey & I have some lemon poppyseed muffins & hugs waiting for you here at home. We miss you and can't wait to see you tomorrow.