Sunday, March 8, 2009

If you're a friend of Gabe's Dad... you're a friend of Gabe's.

This is Gabe with Greg's friend Nolan (aka Buddha). Everytime Gabe see's Nolan, he yells, "Buddha!!!". It is SO cute. Gabe LOVES Greg's friends. He feels like big stuff when he's around them. He's even more fearless and daring. I love watching him with Greg and his friends. What a blessing that they all love him so much too. I am so looking forward to watching him grow up in their shadows... well, it'll be interesting! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And, we have an artist!

Gabe LOVES coloring with markers. Love, love, loves it! I have really enjoyed watching him concentrate and really think about what he's making. He loves to say, "Mommy, Draw!" It's too too cute.

There's not really a whole lot going on right now, so I don't want to bore you all with a long post. Other than drawing, things have been pretty steady. Still working on potty training... Gabe doesn't really like to do it at home... he does great at daycare, but at home he thinks he needs a diaper. Still can't shake the nighttime baba. I think we're seriously going to just have to do something drastic. Ugh.

I hate to take it away from him. He loves his baba. He seems to be ahead of schedule on everything else, but this is one thing he wants to hold on to for comfort. I feel like a big giant meanie-head if I take it away. He cries huge tears, and dang it... I just can't take it away yet.