Sunday, September 9, 2007

Busy Weekend!

Friday, Gabe's friend Caleb came over to play. These 2 handsome little boys were prayed for so much by their mommies - it is truly a blessing to see them "play" together. Notice their onsies... aren't they awesome?! I picked them up and Caleb's mommy and I vowed they would wear them together for photo ops! Oh, one more thing about Friday - Uncle Dan's team won! 3 and 0, Baby!

Saturday, we had our neice Katie's soccer game. Gabey was a good boy there. I love this pic of us...He's such a cutie and looks so happy. PS: Isn't the coloring awesome? Then, Saturday night, we went with our friends Steve & Tami to see their daughter at school. She is such a sweetie! She babysat Gabe for us and Gabe adores her! So, it was really a fun evening with them.

Today, DA BEARS play... Gabe will be dressed in his Bears outfit, or maybe the jersey... I'm not sure.

What a busy weekend, but all fun. We are a family now. It's quite a different life - and it's fantastic.


Darci said...

Thanks for posting that CUTE photo of our boys! It was great to spend time with you guys on Friday. I look forward to many more days of being able to chit-chat while our boys poke at each other and "share" toys. God is good! :)

I LOVE the photo of you and Gabe at the ball game. The smiles are priceless!

Bri said...

Thanks Darci! I am so happy to see our boys "play" together! God has been so faithful to us!!