Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Big Boy Stuff

Yep, he still loves his big boy pillow from Tami. Even though he isn't sleeping on it, he's hugging it. Tami, this little guy sure loves it.

Gabe's been doing a lot of new things... let me just list a few:

  • He can now sign more, thank you, please, milk, and he can kind of sign good and bad (he just claps his hands together really hard). We've been trying to say "good boy" or "bad boy" just to help him understand when he does something he's supposed to ... or not supposed to ...

  • He has been saying "DaDa" rather consistently. Daddy is no longer "Bob". He also says Papa, Bubbles, and sometimes he'll say bye.

  • He has started throwing things. Everything he can get his hands on. This kid loves balls - basketballs, tennis balls, golf balls... He played with a "big boy" basketball at our neighbor's house and we could hardly tear him away from it.

  • Speaking of throwing... he's throwing temper tantrums. I mean laying on the floor, scooting with his feet, and crying when he doesn't get his way. Tonight, he bit Daddy. We had to put him in time out. I felt pretty awful about it. We had to use the high chair so he'd stay put and the entire time, he had his arms out and he was crying. We stayed in the room with him, but tried not to pay much attention to it. When we took him out of the chair, after about 1 minute, (he was still crying and pretty ticked) he settled down and was fine after that. Does anyone have any suggestions for the tantrums? Did we handle this right? Ugh.

  • He poops in the tub. Not a good milestone. Sorry to tell people this Gabe, but it's new and it's gross. I guess this embarassment is Mommy & Daddy's payback for having to clean it up! Love you!

  • He's kind of a ladies' man. This week at daycare, he kissed his old, steady flame AND he kissed an older girl! Please, Lord, tell me this isn't a preview of the years to come!

  • Now that the weather has been a lot nicer, Gabe's been playing outside a lot. He loves it and we are having a ball outside with him. It is so much fun to play with your kids outside.

Ok, one more pic for you... Twist my arm...

This picture says: "Yeah, I'm a big boy... I climbed the steps all by myself. Mommy was fake sneezing to get me to smile. It worked. I love that Momma."

Momma says: "And I love that Gabey."


The Mrs. said...

He's growing up so fast! But pooping in the tub? Yuck!

Regarding the tantrums, I'd say you handled it well. We're running head on into some behavior issues with Punkin (she'll be two on Saturday), and it is no fun at all. She's much more defiant and stubborn than her sister has ever been, so it should be interesting. I put her in timeout in the highchair tonight too, and I'm thinking about going the "naughty mat" route next. Standing in the corner just ain't cutting it. Consistency is the key, whatever route you guys decide to take. It's tough but stick with you - you'll see changes!