Saturday, June 14, 2008


We had our new concrete patio poured today and I just love it. My favorite part? Obviously, the above picture. It just gives me a sneak peak ahead into family barbeques, camp outs in Gabe's new playground - time as a family outside. The three of us. It feels so good to be able to say that.

The guys pouring the concrete were just great with Gabe. They didn't care if he was outside while they were preparing the land. They called up to him while he was watching from the bathroom window when they were pouring the concrete. This kid was loving it.

After we did the prints, I took Gabe over to the "dac-tur" and snapped this photo. I wish there was something I could do about the sunlight on his face... does anyone have any suggestions? Or, do I just leave it alone?

What a nice day I had with my boy today. Even though it was HOT (we didn't have central air today because they had to move the central air unit to put in the patio) we had a great time. We ran some errands, took some pictures, played, and now he's crashing and I'm going to go watch a movie.


Darci said...

Hi Bri, I'm glad you're enjoying part time! I knew you would love the extra time to spend with Gabe! As far as the photo, I don't know how to fix Gabe's overexposed face, but I have some ideas of how to prevent it! I rediscovered this with my own camera, and have loved using the feature. Its called spot meter. Most cameras have the ability to change how the camera decides how to expose the photo. Like with this photo, because the tractor (dac-tor) was reflecting so much light, Gabe's face was overexposed. The icon for this is a dot with parenthesis around it. (.)

With spot metering ability, you put what you want exposed correctly (Gabe's Face) in the center of the frame. If this isn't where you want his face, compositionally, you usually can push the shutter half-way down, hold it, move the frame to be the composition you want, then push the shutter the rest of the way. (You will need to be sure that the AE--AutoExposure feature is turned on.)

I used spot metering in the automatic setting when I took some photos of Caleb outside. He was in the shade, but everything else in the photo was well lit. I knew the camera would underexpose him, so the spot metering got Caleb's exposure correct, while the other was overexposed--and therefore a bit brighter. It is a trade of! But I don't mind it!