Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm so excited!

This fabulous item came to our home via UPS yesterday... I'm so excited! This is a Cricut Expression machine used to cut paper. To the seasoned scrapper, this is a BIG deal. I have been scrapbooking for over 10 years and this is probably one of the coolest tools out there.
When I was 17, I began scrapping using 3-ring binders. I have scrapped my high school years, my courtship with Greg, our wedding, etc... I have completed 19 albums. WOW. I'm so glad I started to scrap before Gabe was born. I finished Gabe's first book. I wasn't really planning how many pages per month or anything. I take a lot of pictures... maybe too many because his first album - 20 layouts - only made it to 3 months.

I just really enjoy scrapping - so much so that my nickname is Scrappy. Even if I'm teased about it, I think one day Gabe and my future children will really be glad that I took the time to write about our moments together.

AND... One more reason to be happy today... Papa Noisy is coming home from the hospital tomorrow! He's still got some serious health issues, but he can come home and hopefully manage them with diet and medication. We're so thankful that Papa Noisy is ok! Gabe said "Papa" again today. How sweet.