Thursday, September 20, 2007

Studying Up!

I am taking my little bro's senior pictures for him. I'm trying to study up by learning more and more about Photoshop. I'm still a beginner for sure, but I am trying to spend every free minute studying my Photoshop textbook. I had an excellent compliment yesterday as well as a HUGE confidence boost! A girl I work with asked me if I'd be interested in taking her engagement pictures!! Would I be interested?? YES!

Gabey's got a new toy! The jumperoo is nearly ready for retirement. He doesn't enjoy it as much anymore. Actually, when you go to put him in it, he draws his legs up because he doesn't want you to put him down! It's cute, but it also keeps Mommy from getting some things done!
New things this week:

1. Gabe has been saying "Momma"

Oh, how this melts my heart!

2. He has also been saying "More"

3. He LOVES chicken & noodle soup! (Woo hoo! Easy preparation!)

4. Gabe has decided that baby food isn't really his thing anymore

5. Tooth #8 came in - yes, he's 8 months old with 8 little chompers!