Monday, September 24, 2007

Fun, Busy, and New

We had a fun, busy, & new experience weekend. We travelled up north to visit my sister, Aunt Ne. It was her boyfriend Rene's "eh-hem" birthday (Rene, I won't insert your age here...) We had a great time meeting Rene's family. They are very nice people - I could tell they loved Rene a lot and they really seemed to get along well with Jenny. This was our first Mexican party. It was fun. We danced, we heard new music, and several shots were passed around. After the party, we stayed in a hotel - this was a first for Gabe and he did great!! He slept very well for being in an unfamiliar place. He was such a good boy the entire weekend. For being out of his element, he sure behaved well. I was a proud mommy! Everyone thought Gabe was adorable....DUH!

The most enjoyable part of my weekend was seeing my sister so happy. Rene truly cares for her and treats her well. As her big sister, I want her to have nothing but the best. She has moved away, she has made a good life for herself, and I'm very proud of her. Here is a picture of Aunt Ne & Rene: