Friday, October 12, 2007

Date Night!

I just love Fall. Fall wreaths on a red door (I now have a red door!) Oh, and our porch is done! It's not a gaping hole anymore! I am thrilled with the way it turned out. Tonight Greg's mom is going to babysit Gabe for us so we can go to my little bro's football game. Ok, so it's not really a date, but it's close enough!
Today, we went to a nearby high school to talk to a couple of Parenting classes about adoption. The teacher is a lady we used to go to church with. We were so honored to be asked! Of course we took her up on it. I felt like we were kind of boring the high school kids, but oh well! I was reminded again today how very blessed we are! Birth moms come in all shapes and sizes, with all backgrounds and experiences. We are just so fortunate that Gabe's birthmom is who she is. We really like her and feel like this was all planned by God.
That's how I always wanted it to feel.