Friday, November 2, 2007

Baby + Hat = Tantrum

Ok, here's a nice little story about a boy and his mom going to the park to swing. Aww, look at this handsome little man enjoying the swings!

Ok, here's that same little boy getting a little ticked because mom wants him to wear his shoes and put on a hat since it's a bit chilly outside.
And finally, here's what a tantrum looks like! The entire way home from the park, Gabe decided he was not going to wear his hat and every time he took it off, he was going to look up at Mom to see if she saw him remove it and throw it on the ground. Mommy stopped the stroller each time (many, many times) and calmly -with other Fall weather enjoyers watching- said, "Gabe, Mommy said you need to wear your hat." Each time, he got mad and people looked.

Whatdya gonna do? This parenting thing is challenging! But then, tonight, we went to Walmart...
My son was sitting in the cart looking at the toys and reached for me. He kept on reaching and said "uh, UH!". I picked him up. You know what he wanted?
To give his mommy a hug and kiss.
Tantrum? What tantrum? I'm a sucker for that little guy.