Sunday, November 4, 2007

Falcon Pride!

Believe it! Here's my little bro, aka Uncle Dan, on senior night with my parents. They look so proud. We all are! What a season for my little brother. They will face their 3rd playoff game next weekend. We haven't made it to this round since 1974 - when my uncle's team won the state championship.

When my brother was 9, he and my two sisters were in a near fatal car accident. No one knew if Dan & Aunt Ne would survive. Thankfully, Lindsey had only minor injuries. As we look on at him out on the field and see all he has accomplished, we are just so thankful that God blessed us with him. It's hard to believe he's already a senior. He's had a fantastic year - something to be proud of. He's made a lot of memories and I'm just thrilled for him.

Today, we took Gabe to the mall to start our Christmas shopping - or so we thought! We didn't get much Christmas shopping done, but we did get some new Sa-Weet pillows for our bed and a few things on the sale rack at Baby Gap. I LOVE Baby Gap - I wish I could buy all the new stuff they've got out!

I can't end the post without a pic of the Gabraham:

As Grandma Smith always says, "Ain't he cute?"


Greg said...

He is adorable.