Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fall Fun & Fabulous Friends

What a good day today. Greg's Mom & Dad watched Gabe while we did some Christmas shopping and while we picked up our new whirlpool tub (yipee!!). After that, we came home and Greg and Gabey rode the lawnmower to pick up the leaves in the yard. Gabe just loved it! He had so much fun with his Daddy. I also took advantage of him leaving a hat on:

To me, this picture is so stinkin' cute. He just got this coat and hat today (We bought it on Jinxi's behalf for Gabe's Christmas gift) and he looks so adorable in it! What a little workin' man.

Then, after outside playtime, we went to our friends', the Lyonses, house for dinner. All of their kids are home and for some reason they wanted to hang out with us! The Lyonses are very dear to us. When we were completing all of our paperwork for Gabe's adoption, we had to find personal references. The Lyonses were one of the families that we asked to write a letter. We have always enjoyed spending time with them and feel as though they are a part of our family. They have been so good to my son. We also think they are great parents. They've taught us a lot about family (and weiner jokes! - Steve!!) They are expecting their first grandchild and we know they will be wonderful grandparents.
Well, that's about it for today. I'm exhaused. The house is a mess. The laundry's not done. And I've got a movie Tivo'd. I know what I'm doing...