Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Well, I got a second round at senior pictures! One of my co-workers asked if I would take her son's senior pictures. Would I? Heck yes!! I had so much fun. The above one is one of my favorites. Here's a link to see the rest:


I also had some time on Friday to take Gabe outside for some fall pics. That was fun too! He's just too cute.
I'm really having fun with photography. I am just not sure what to do with it yet. I mean, there are 4 other photographers in my town with much more equipment than I have. I definitely think I have a "knack" for it, but I don't know - will it just be a hobby? Can I consider this a talent? I just feel so uncertain about it. I'm going to need to be praying.
Gabe is doing great - other than having a sore throat and ear infection. I think we're doing good - he'll be 10 months tomorrow and this is his first ear infection. He also weighs 22.5 lbs now. Also, the doctor called him a Brut today! He thought he was so strong!! Tell me about it! Try changing his diaper!
That's all for today... Gotta go, sick boy just woke up.