Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy 1st Thanksgiving!

1st Thanksgiving for Gabe at Papa & Nana's house

All of the cousins posing for Nana... I think it took 20+ takes to get this one!

The Things Gabe's Mom is Thankful for:
  • Gabe's birthmom - she trusts us to raise him as our son.
  • Gabe - my wonderful, curious, handsome son.
  • Greg - the leader of our household, the most wonderful man and I am blessed to be married to him.
  • Our families - both of our families are close with one another. We are so fortunate.
  • My Faith - without grace and love from my Savior, I truly would not have made it through the ups and downs I've experienced in my lifetime so far. I have also known joy that only comes through salvation.
  • My job - I'm able to work and help provide for my family.
  • My friends - I have been so blessed to have friends that love me for who I am.

There are just so many things. My list could go on and on. Sometimes I think about the fact that we are born where we're meant to be. I mean, I was born here in the US, to my parents, who are Christians, who are hard-working, who love eachother, etc... I'm so fortunate. I think of the people who grow up in homes where the parents hate eachother. Or, children who never know a parent's love - those who grow up in orphanages with no hugs or kisses. That could have very easily have been me. God placed me in the family and life he wanted for me. I guess sometimes we need to step back and realize when things are hard, when money's tight, when clothes don't fit, when we're tired...

We're really blessed.


The Mrs. said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Bri, Greg, and Gabe! That was a beautiful message and a wonderful reminder especially as we enter the holiday season. Thank you for reminding me to focus on the big picture rather than all the little things (i.e., clothes being too tight, LOL!). I hope you had a wonderful weekend!