Friday, January 25, 2008

New Blogger

Ok, I apologize to any regular visitors... I am constantly changing the header to my blog. I can't help it! I am just really enjoying learning new things about photoshop and Blogger. It's too fun. Not much news with Gabe & Gabe's Parents. Gabe & I are still sick. He's getting over it, but I'm dragging. Thank God for my dear hubby... he has really been helping a lot. I've been SO tired. He took Gabe to his 1 year doctor's appointment today. I guess he probably sees now what I go through when taking him by myself! It's tough... There isn't a good way to pay your co-pay because you've got a baby on your hip, a diaper bag on your shoulder, and the slip they leave for you to take to the front desk. (I personally think THEY should carry their paperwork to the front desk - I've always got too much I'm trying to juggle!) Oh, and the baby has just had his shots, so he's very clingy and needs his bottle. Oh, well. You make it through it!
Hopefully there's plenty of rest and relaxation in store for Gabe's Mom & Dad this weekend! And a couple of pics:

Here is Gabe "fixing" our new computer desk - too cute! Aunt Ne got him these tools for this birthday.

Love this picture! Quality isn't the greatest on these photos, but dang is he cute!