Thursday, February 28, 2008


Sometimes random is fun:

  • Gabe LOVES megablocks. LOVES them. He must have one for each hand and one for his mouth. He does the same with cookies, crackers, fruit snacks, etc - one for each hand. You cannot give him only one.
  • The boy loves snack time.
  • He will not give up his "babajuice". Apple juice has become a comfort for him. He just loves it. I guess he can have it a little longer...
  • Gabe likes to eat eat eat apples and bananas!
  • He LOVES his room. He can now climb the stairs and the first place he goes is his room. When he gets there, he immediately stands in front of his CD player saying "uh, UH!" Translation: "Turn on my radio - NOW"
  • Gabe has started throwing small tantrums. So far, they're not too bad. As long as we ignore it, he very quickly forgets about it and gets distracted with something else. Boy when he gets mad though... look out!
  • He is a boy's boy. He loves hanging out with his Papas and his Daddy right now. Mommy's kinda chopped liver sometimes. But, that's ok... he goes in phases. It hurts my feelings sometimes, but then when he reaches for me, I forget all about it.
  • He's started hitting again. Not sure why that's resurfaced. That's been a tough one to try and break. We basically tell him no and then try distracting him.

Well, that's all for tonight. Good night loyal readers! I appreciate the comments!! It's so nice to know someone's reading this and enjoying it besides me. I am having a lot of fun keeping these memories for Gabers.