Wednesday, May 7, 2008

So, Did Ya Hear?

Somebody totally rocked the house with these awesome shirts for Gabe! Thanks Grandma! LYWUTTS!!

Also, we have a new trick... Last night, Gabe used a fork to eat dinner! It was too cute. He was so proud of himself and he kept on diggin' in. My baby is growing up. He jumped on a trampoline the other night (supervised, of course).

Sometimes, especially when I'm going through Gabe's clothes and putting away the baby blue outfits he's outgrown, I get really sad. I do look forward to each new adventure like talking, riding bikes, etc... But, part of me mourns that cuddly baby stage. Even though I encourage his independence and try and teach him new things, part of me wants him to remain dependent on me. I miss him falling asleep in my arms with his ba ba. (Now I put him in the crib). I miss carrying him around everywhere, even though he was heavy. (Now, he runs all over the house). I think it's natural for moms to feel this way. I was just watching a Tivo'd Dr. Phil and some crazy lady still hadn't let go and let her son grow up ... he was 39 years old and he was still dependent on her. Now, that's an extreme.

I hope for Gabe that he develops a strong sense of independence, even if it means breaking away from me. It may hurt and I may miss those moments, but the more he does on his own and the more he grows, the better adjusted he'll be. I realize that I have quite a few years yet, but there will come a time when he's on his own. When he has a job and a family. God-willing, I'm there to witness it all. I hope that he'll be independent enough to have and enjoy those things, and dependent enough to lean on me when he needs me even then.

I miss those baby moments. But, I am enjoying each and every moment watching him grow and mature into a little boy. He learns new things all the time. He's like a little sponge just taking it all in. It's amazing. I can't stress enough how thankful I am to be a parent to such a wonderful, smart, funny, happy child. God has truly fulfilled the desires of my heart, just as He promised.


The Mrs. said...

No worries, Bri. No matter how independent little Gabe may be, he'll always come back to his mama. Little boys always do. =)