Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why We love Grandma

  • She lets me wear her "clock" (watch) and I don't like to take it off!
  • She always gets me new jammies.
  • She "la yu" so much.
  • She fixes me pb & j and carries my high chair out to the garage.
  • She Gaber-proofs the house when she knows I'm coming over.
  • "There are no rules at Grandma's house" - Grandma Smith
  • She makes me toast in the mornings.
  • She sings songs to me.
  • She loves my family so much always puts herself last.
  • She lives with my PaPa - I can't help it... I love the tractors!

Grandma, your Gabers just wanted to tell you how much he loves you and he's so glad that he's got the bestest Grandmas in the world. He loves you both up to the stars & the sky!


whitney said...

Bri!!! I LOVE the design for your photography business!! And I'm so tickled to hear that you're going professional with your photography...you've sure got the talent! I absolutely love looking at all your pictures! You go girl! :) Miss you!!!

Bri said...

Awww... thank you Whitney! You are too sweet. I am so excited about it and look forward to taking more pics of all of you when you come home!

love you & miss you all!