Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty nice weekend. It started out Friday night with a dinner for Gabe with his PawPaw, Papa, Uncle Dan, and his two Abbas. We had them over to celebrate Gabe's adoption anniversary. We had a really nice time. I fixed lasagna, salad, and an apple pie (frozen, but hey, it was still yummy!). Greg's mom brought some cucumbers in vinegar and homemade pretzels. My mom brought deviled eggs and star cupcakes.

Even though we didn't expect any gifts, both sets of grandparents brought Gabey a present. PawPaw and Abba got him an awesome Handy Manny tool set - which he loves! We have now learned the Handy Manny "Hop Up Jump In" theme song forwards and backwards! He has been playing with that all weekend. Papa and Abba got him a tractor with dual rear tires, oh, and it ALSO makes noise! He loved that too. Most of all, he just had a blast with his grandparents, which was what the whole evening was about. He entertained them all by saying, "ah happy!" several times, as well as yelling, "MommmmEEEE" when I went in the kitchen to get him a hotdog. I guess he's not a fan of lasagna.

Saturday, we played with his new toys and in the afternoon Gabe's Dad let me get groceries and do a little scrapbook shopping. It was nice to get groceries by myself and take my time. I also got some SWEET scrapbooking things that I'd had my eye on. We had pizza for supper and then watched Prom Night - kinda lame, but we watched the whole movie.

Today, I met with the engaged couple whose wedding I'll be photographing. I was really nervous about this meeting. Once I got there though, things went very smoothly. I liked the couple and I felt very confident in stating my responsibilities for the wedding day. Both were very nice and even took me to the site of the wedding so I could get a feel for what I'd be in for that day. I was actually quite relieved when I saw the site. It looks like we'll have plenty of light and we'll be right near downtown, so we may even be able to take some outdoor shots if the weather is nice enough.

Oh, and here we are with our Gabers: