Friday, October 10, 2008

Ahhhh... I can breathe...

Oh, little Gabers. It's been quite the week. You haven't been the best behaved little boy. You have tested my patience a lot. However, look at you in your Mommy's arms. You're happy. I'm happy. It seems like the rest of the week just melts away.

Gabe, I want to tell you, that if you choose to have children someday, it is the most wonderful, challenging, amazing thing a person can do with their lives. To be your parent, your Mommy, has been all of those things. Sure, there are bad days. But, the next morning, when you wake up and I come into your room to greet you, your smile and happy mood just erases the frustration that was the day before. I forget that you knocked me one with a toy tractor (right in the head!) when I wouldn't let you stand up in the cart. I forget that you pulled my hair because I picked you up to keep you from running away from me. I forget that I could barely stay awake the night before while you cried about having to go to bed.

God does an amazing thing for parents. No matter how challenging of a day you may have had, you can wake up the next day refreshed, thankful, and moved to tears at how much you love your child. We have so many more good days than bad ones, Gabe. It was just a rough week this week. Daddy was gone, you've been kinda sick and not sleeping well, of course you're cranky!

I just want you to know that you could never do anything that would change my love for you. I may get angry, I may get frustrated, you'll get angry and frustrated with me too. I'll always be your Mommy. You are my son, the child I prayed for, the child God brought into our family. You are so very loved by so many.

Good night little one, Mommy loves you and is looking forward to another great day with you tomorrow.


Sarah said...

So well said.... the smile of a new morning so easily erases the frustrations of a previous day.