Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Randomness...

  • Took Jenny & Rene's engagement pictures today... you can see more of them here.

  • When we ask Gabe to say Gabe Douglas, he says "Baby Dud-das"

  • I have a super wonderful husband that watched Gabe while I went to take the photos today.

  • In April my parents will be married for 30 years. crazy.

  • Gabe can say Hakuna Matata (HaKuKu Atata)

  • Gabe calls any figures (Care Bears, Lion King figures, etc) his "guys"

  • Do not ask Gabe to say "clock" or "chalk". You might be offended.

  • Today is Tamilamadingdong's birthday - Shout out, friend!

  • Had Baby Bull's cream of chicken soup tonight for supper... yum.

  • Had french fries thrown at my head tonight by my son.

  • I love Facebook.

  • Gabe has decided just recently that he doesn't like to sleep in the crib anymore... I think our next purchase is a twin bed.

Seriously, I gotta go to bed...

But, wait... I would like to share a photo of Gabers:

This is what happens when little boys think they're big boys and don't go to sleep... :o)

Good Night!