Friday, April 24, 2009


As a parent, you get the opportunity to witness a lot of "firsts". First bath, first word, first steps, first friends, etc... In the past couple of weeks, we've had a couple of firsts that I wanted to get down before I forget. Speaking of forgetfulness, this is one of the reasons I blog... I have a horrible memory. I think that's why I scrapbook too - I've got to get these things down so I don't forget to share them with Gabe. I don't want to forget these day to day things that have been so special in our lives together.

We took Gabe and his friends, Will & Patrick, out to Mrs. Hoobler's (she is the local preschool teacher that everyone had - everyone LOVES Mrs. Hoobler!!) because she had 3 baby ducks and several baby kittens that she thought the boys would like to see. First of all, I love watching Gabe with his friends. Will & Patrick are older than him, but Gabe doesn't let their age stop him. He's always keeping up with them, tagging right along. Anyway, back to the baby animals... It was so amazing to see Gabe hold a baby kitten for the first time. He was so excited to hold one, but when we finally gave him one, he got a little scared and didn't really want to hold it. So, we held one of them on his leg so he could pet it. That worked out a little bit better. It was such a neat experience to see him just sit still and pet the newborn kitty. He was very gentle and you could just tell he was being cautious and taking it all in. I remember holding kittens as a child. There's nothing like the warmth of a baby kitten and the soft sound of their cry and wimpers. It was very sweet to see my son experience that for the first time.

Tonight, we took Gabe to Walmart - which is always a gamble (you never know how a 2 year old is going to behave) - and he was excellent! He had a great nap today, which makes a huge difference in how he behaves. Seriously. At Walmart, we told him we would take him for ice cream if he was a good boy. So, we were getting ready to leave, and like always, I had to stop at the restroom first. When I came out of the restroom, Greg and Gabe were standing at the water fountain getting a drink. Gabe was facinated by the water fountain! I had to stop and just watch him because up to this point, I don't think he's seen us use a water fountain. He kept telling Greg, "More...More, Daddy drink". It was so cute to watch him - he thought it was the coolest. Then, Mommy had to have a few drinks, then Daddy again...

Then, we drove through the car dealership on the way home - just to look. It never even crossed my mind that Gabe's never been through a car dealership. He didn't understand why Daddy kept stopping the car and getting out. Then, Gabe wanted out.

I guess I had just taken for granted all of these little things that are new to you when you're a child. It has been a joy watching my son experience all of them. It's been a joy watching the look on his face when he gets a new concept, or when he really likes something, or even when he really dislikes something. As Gabe's getting older, I'm finding that each age is coming with it's own challenges, but also it's own really incredible new stages. I didn't know that I would enjoy his toddler years this much - I really do love it. Yes, the toddler years are challenging and you have the tantrums to deal with. But, you also have new things like, "La U too Mom" or "Gabe do it" or "Peese just one candy right now?"

I'm so blessed to get to experience all of it.


Billie Jo Henson said...

Aw Bri- I love reading your blogs about Gabe. These are so special, no matter how many years pass you will read these and it will feel like your right back in the moment. Gabe will be so thankful you did this when he is older and you share it with him. He is adorable.