Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reasons Why I Love My Abba Herrman

  1. She loves me Way Up to the Sky!
  2. She plays "guys" with me.
  3. She makes me bacon
  4. She introduced me to Lion King and Nemo
  5. She loves spending time with her Gabers
  6. She let me decorate sugar cookies and get frosting all over her.
  7. She's married to my PawPaw - and he's pretty awesome too.
  8. She has an AWESOME tweet (treat) drawer!
  9. She knows how important "guy time" is, so she calls my cousin Braden to come play with me.
  10. She's my Abba...maybe if Abba Smith says "no" Abba Herrman will say "yes". Or vice versa!