Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Big Boy

He's becoming more independent. While he was playing, I was watching. I am just overwhelmed sometimes at how much I love this little guy. He looks so little, yet so big playing all by himself.

Along with becoming a big boy, we've had some big boy challenges. He has started hitting. He's developed a little temper and honestly, its tough to discipline him. If he hits, we say "No no, Gabe." and then he looks at us and hits again! I don't know if its just because he's a baby and he's little and doesn't know any better, but it kinda scares me for those teenage years! He also arches his back and starts crying. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears!

Well, I'd better get ready for work! It's about that time...


waitingformysavior11 said...

Hi Bri! I love your pictures of Gabe!

The Mrs. said...

Don't worry too much about the hitting, Bri. Both of my girls went through that phase. Actually, our 18 month old is STILL going through that phase but saves her hitting for me alone. Isn't that sweet?

When the girls would hit us we'd do the same as you - say, "no, no" or "no hit" in a firm tone. Then we'd take their hand and show them "nice" - taking their hand in ours and gently stroking either our face or arm (or whatever body part was assaulted). I think almost every baby goes through this. The best thing you can do is be consistent!

Of course I'm quickly learning with my own daughters that what works for one doesn't mean it will work for another. We're dealing with some of our own behavior issues so I'm not sure I'm qualified to be giving out any advice!