Saturday, October 20, 2007

One of Those Days

Yesterday was one of those days that I dreamed about when waiting to have a child. Gabe and I went to the park in the afternoon and I put him in the swing to play. It was so much fun. He loved it. He was just amazed by it all. When we were suffering through infertility, I spent many nights lying in bed just imagining moments like this one... First trips to the park, going to the pumpkin patch, first combine ride, school shopping with grandmas, etc... I just envisioned those times as being some of my happiest moments. Even now as I write this, I am tearing up... being Gabe's Mommy has given me those special moments. I was so happy just taking my long-awaited son to the park. Being a Mommy has given me joy in the smallest of things. I will sometimes be sitting on the couch just watching Gabe. He has started to play with his toys by himself. I just look at him and think, "Wow. You, Gabe, are it. You are the best thing that has ever happened to Daddy and me." I am just so happy to be Gabe's mom.

Tuesday night, we visited with Gabe's birth family. It was a lot of fun. I think they were surprised by how much he'd changed! They brought him a big bear/dog (we kept joking on what we thought it was). Gabe behaved very well. I felt a little sad a couple of times because he wanted me or Greg over his birth family. But his birth grandma said "Don't apologize - YOU are his mommy". That made me feel much better. I am his mom. I know his personality. I am there when he cries and when he smiles. I can't help but feel bad that his birth mom misses these things. So, I try to send a lot of pictures and keep in good contact. Not just for her, but for Gabe too. I always want him to know that I have done my best to keep that relationship for him. Here's Gabe and the beardog:

Last night Grandma H watched Gabe so we could go to Uncle Dan's last home game. They finished the season undefeated! I guess this hasn't happened since my uncle was a senior in 1974 and the last time it happened before that, my Grandpa was a senior in 1947! Kind of cool that every generation has been.... well, awesome! It was a fun night. Mom and Dad had "senior night" with Dan. I think it was hard on my mom, but she and Dad are so proud of him (and so are we). Congratulations, Uncle Dan, on a terrific season! Playoffs, here we come!
I think we are going out to dinner tonight with our friends Steve & Tami. Other than that, I think our weekend is pretty relaxing! It's nice to have a weekend with not a lot going on. Here are a couple more pics:


The Mrs. said...

Hi Bri! This is Amanda, aka The Mrs., aka Poke's sister. I just wanted to say hi and tell you how much I enjoy reading about your life as Gabe's mommy. I had the pleasure of meeting your handsome little man about two months ago, and you're right when you talk about how cute he is! Cari and Erik also keep me posted on the latest Gabe stories. I know you already know it, but that is one loved little boy you have on your hands. I hope you will both be at the party this weekend. Although, now that I think about it, Gabe in a halloween costume might be more cutest than I can handle! =)

I'm so happy for you and Greg - Gabe hit the jackpot with parents like you!

Bri said...

Hi Amanda! Thank you for your message! I am so glad someone is reading my blog!! :o) I didn't know if anyone was or not!

Gabe is just the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me & Greg. We are so fortunate that he is loved by so many - including Cari & Erik. They have been such great friends to us.

We will be at the party - not until late and we will be baby-free. We got a babysitter, so we can have a few cocktails!!

Thanks again for your note and I hope to see you there!