Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmastime & New Tricks

When we got married, we received a boxed ornament set from one of our dear friends. We have made it a tradition that every year we put this entire box of ornaments on the tree. At first when I saw them, I honestly thought they were a little gawdy. But then, after putting them on the tree the first year, I knew they had to go up every year. I love them.

This ornament features one of our favorite singers, The Chairman of the Board, Mr. Frank Sinatra. Greg and I love his music, so we have started collecting these ornaments. Each one of them plays a different Sinatra tune. This one happens to play my favorite..."Fly Me to the Moon".

And this year, we are adding a new ornament to the tree... Baby's first Christmas. By far, my favorite. This precious ornament was a gift from my parents. I absolutely love it. Merry Christmas, dear little one.

Why a picture of my baby's cute little piggies?? Well, my curious, smart little one has learned a new trick... get ready for it... Here it is:
He likes to play with the CD player! His favorite thing to do is turn the volume all the way up and then sit and wait for me to turn it down. Then, he turns it up again, and I turn it down.... This has become quite the game. Sure, I could put it up, but it keeps him entertained while I'm busy blogging...
I can't wait to spend the holidays with this little bugger... He's truly changed my life and brought so much joy into it.


The Mrs. said...

Your pictures are so great, and I love the new look of the blog. Happy holidays to all of you!

Bri said...

Thanks so much!! Happy Holidays to you and yours as well!!