Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Cannot Disappoint

I have a request to know what the "tatt" is - if you have a tattoo, you can call it a "tatt". Just a little FYI. Welll..... Dumdadadum....

This was taken not too long after I had it done, so it was still pretty bright... and I may have photoshopped it a little to hide some imperfections (eh hem, cough, maybe a couple of leg hairs I may have missed while shaving... It happens to the best of us! Don't worry, I wasn't Amazon woman or anything...) This is on my ankle and I love it. I got the tattoo because we took a very memorable trip with our parents to Hawaii. I will always cherish that vacation with them.

Well, Gabers, just wanted to let you know, if you do consider getting a tattoo and I say "No way, mister!" You now have proof - in print - that I would do it all over again. I do love my "tatt". However, if you do decide to get one, make sure it is exactly what you want and you're doing it because it means something to you. You don't want to look back and say, "Doh! What was I THINKING?!"

Tattoos don't nearly have the stereotypes today that they used to, but when people find out that I have one, I get this reaction a lot: "YOU have a tatTOO?" I love how they emphasize the TOO. No, I have a Tat-one. Or, a Tat-only... Ok, that's dorky. But, my point is, I no longer look at someone with a tattoo and think "oh my, they're wild". I assume their tattoo is a way of remembering something. Something very special to them. When my dad was talking about our tattoos to another friend he said something similar to "...In my day, we planted a tree when we wanted to remember a significant event!". Times have changed, I guess. Maybe, my next tattoo should be a tree... Wouldn't that be funny?