Monday, March 10, 2008

About that time

Little Gabraham is getting a curly do in the back of his hair. I think it's so cute. I have to admit, when he gets out of the tub, I sometimes curl it with my finger, just because it's too cute. It's about that time - time for the first haircut. I love this picture of him... you can see his curl and he has his lion up on its wheels so he can work on it. I remember when my little brother used to do stuff like this. Greg said to me today, "He's growing up..." and he said something about him not really being a baby anymore. I think that's right, but I still call him "baby". I still want to cuddle him like a baby. It is just going by way too quickly. Before we know it, he'll be running. Before we know it, he'll be talking - a lot. Before we know it, he'll be in kindergarten! How does it go by so fast?