Sunday, March 16, 2008

Friday afternoon, our family was finally feeling well enough to go outside for a bit to enjoy the sunshine. We thought it would be a blast to take Gabe to the park since he's only been there twice - and both of those times, he wasn't walking yet. It was really amazing to set him down and watch him walk with shoes on. We rarely, and I mean rarely, put shoes on him because he immediately takes them off. Well, it was like a whole new world for him. It was so funny to watch his little feet clomp on the sidewalk. He walked a couple of steps ahead of us and Greg and I were just taking it all in. Our little boy isn't a baby anymore. He's growing up! As you can probably tell, these photos have "had some work done" (kind of like the plastic surgery of photography) in photoshop. I just like trying different things. I love the above picture because of the different colors of paint on the merry go round. This was when Gabe climbed up there by himself.

He looks a lot bigger in the swing here than he does here. He LOVED the swings. He did not want to get off of them.

Me & my shadow. I didn't include the picture, but I have one of Gabe reaching down and touching his shadow. The quality didn't turn out well, so I left it out. But, I LOVE love love this picture. My guys, getting ready to play at the park. Love that.

And this last picture I love, because it showcases those "Newshoes. Momma said these were my magic shoes. Momma said they'd take me anywhere." (ok, what movie am I talking about here? C'mon... this is an EASY one. I'm practically giving it away!).
Oh, Gabers. You have captured my heart. Just looking at you each day reminds me what I'm here for. I love being your momma. I love that you are learning new things from us. I love that you are big enough to go to the park. I love watching you try new things. Gabey, you are my boy and Daddy's Buckaroo. We love you so much.


Ken((ny)(ney)(neth)) said...

love...and Forest Gump...two points for me....tons of fun hangin out tonight, let's do it again soon...or else...