Friday, July 25, 2008

Random Things I Didn't Want to Forget

  • My son got his first pair of "big boy" Spiderman shoes the other day. They light up! He looks adorable in them.

  • Gabers went to the doctor yesterday for his 18 month check up and he weighs 29 lbs, 1 oz. The doctor advised that we switch him to skim milk! (90th %tile for weight!)

  • While at the doctor yesterday (Gabe, this is a story I promise not to tell your future girlfriends...) Gabe had a, how you say, BLOW OUT! All of the kids in the waiting area were looking at Gabe and laughing (ok, I was laughing too) because it was very audible. Seriously, it was loud.

  • We are down to one nap a day. Ugh.

  • Gabe's vocabulary has exceeded 30 words. He can now say baby, letter, football, puppy, and ow! Sidenote: he likes to say "ow" when he hits/headbutts me.

  • He had one of his only time outs at daycare the other day... he pushed a little girl off the Little Tykes slide. Ugh.

  • He's becoming more and more aware of going potty. He knows when there's something in his diaper. My friend Darci told me about this and I want to get it for him so badly... even though I know it could end up with poop in it... It's so cute!

Yesterday, I purchased the book The Girlfriend's Guide to Toddlers. So far, it has been pretty comforting for me. I get kind of frustrated sometimes how fellow moms don't admit how stinkin' hard being a mommy is. Especially a mommy of a toddler. It's tough. You love them SO much, but sometimes, you just can't wait for them to go down for their naps, or to go to bed for the night, or for them to play with Daddy when Daddy gets home for the day. I know... that probably sounds bad. But, during those times, you don't have to stop what you're doing every 3 seconds and make sure they're not into something! Like today, for example, Greg came home from work for a couple of minutes. I thought HE was watching Gabe and he thought I was watching Gabe. Greg came into the living room and Gabe was using his rocking horse to complete an Evil Knievil manuever onto the couch! Ugh. Boys.

I'll survive the toddler stage. Yeah, sure I will. No, really, I will! Really! Other people have made it.... :)